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Basic Principles of Air Conditioning

How To Choose The Right Portable Air Conditioner

Whether it’s an emergency situation or smart solution, portable air conditioning serves several important functions.

It’s impossible to predict when a power outage might strike or when a unit might break. And there’s no telling how long it might take to restore power and/or get the system repaired.

Rather than unnecessarily sweat it out, or if it’s a business, lose untold amounts of money because of a pause in production, the safest and best alternative is to use portable air conditioning.

For example, server rooms -- where sensitive computer equipment is stored -- generate an enormous amount of heat. These rooms are typically centrally located in buildings and do not have windows that would allow for a window-mounted unit.

Without proper cooling, equipment can overheat easily and fail quickly. Having computer room cooling, therefore, helps you avoid potential disaster, keeping equipment running in ideal conditions.

There are a wide variety of styles and options for portable air conditioning units, depending on your specific cooling needs. The good news is that Spot Coolers can provide exactly what you need, regardless of the circumstances and/or location.

We do it all.

From air cooled to water cooled, or trailer-mounted models to specialty units, Spot Coolers has a portable unit that will provide the level of comfort and efficiency that you demand.

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