Portable Coolers

Maximum Potential

Keeping cool is sometimes not a year-round priority.

It could just be needed for a few months during the summer or for a select few company-sponsored events. Whatever the case, or the need, Spot Coolers has the widest selection of portable air conditioning solutions to match your specific situation.

From outdoor events to the inside of factories, portable coolers offer maximum cooling of the specific areas that need it most. Portable air conditioning creates a cool environment for maximal productivity -- for man and machine -- and is capable of handling temperatures that exceed 100 degrees.

In addition to their cooling power, these portable units are extremely easy to set up and run. Simply roll one of the portable air conditioning units into the desired room, plug it in to an electrical outlet and enjoy the comfort of a cool breeze.

It’s that simple … and refreshing.

Our portable coolers can also be used for massive computer room cooling, ensuring each hard drive or server stays up and running. Portable air rentals make computer room cooling even easier by allowing a business to rent a cooler for the times that it's needed most, while keeping costs low during the rest of the year.

Portable air rentals are much cheaper and easier to use compared to paying the huge installation fees and upkeep costs of a large scale air conditioner. In addition to these savings, operating a portable air unit costs less than the amount of running a central air unit.

At times up to a 50 percent savings!

Look over these durable cooling units that are available in a variety of sizes and cooling capabilities. Feel the difference in the air around you … and in your wallet.

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