Portable Air Units

Air Conditioner Rentals Available in Your Area

Need to cool down a hot room fast?

Portable air conditioning allows businesses to position spot coolers wherever they are needed most, allowing them to take a hot room down to the right temperature in record time.

Indeed, portable air rentals are the ideal solution for businesses, both large and small.

Although portable air conditioning is a great way to reduce energy costs in large facilities that may not need all areas cooled simultaneously, it is especially valuable when used for computer room cooling.

Computers need to be kept within an ideal range of temperatures at all times to keep running at optimal performance. If the servers that back up the business critical data overheat, then the business processes will stop.

The results can be devastating.

Portable air rentals can be quickly brought into a facility in the case of a power outage or an equipment malfunction.

This means that the computer room can be cooled back down to its ideal temperature quickly, before any data corruption or permanent damage to expensive equipment occurs.

Although data server companies may hope to never need to use these portable air conditioning units, having access to them is an important part of being successful in this business.

After all, replacing that equipment could put a facility out of business!

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