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Since 1982, MovinCool has been at the forefront of innovation in quality portable air conditioners. From server rooms to hospitals and any space between, MovinCool has the temporary spot cooling solution to get the job done. And today, we’re setting the bar even higher with eleven new units designed to perform smarter, harder and better for you.

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MovinCool Series Models

Best made better! Reflecting the standards established by the parent company Denso, every MovinCool unit must pass 50 rigorous tests, including three-axis vibration, extreme temperature cycling in a thermal shock chamber and exposure to eight different types of dust particulates. It’s not by chance that MovinCool machines have earned the reputation of long-life, resistance to wear and tear and always count on reliability. The MovinCool Climate Pro® Series new for 2020 takes portable air conditioning to the next level. Even tougher and easier to use than ever!

  • New controller – operating the machines has never been easier; helpful operational, troubleshooting and diagnostic information built right in and displayed on the screen
  • Quick connect, twist-on, twist-off nozzles
  • True-color, all the way through, molded plastic bumper systems protect the units and help conceal cosmetic damage from daily wear and tear
  • Larger castors for best in class ease of movement
  • Modern, attractive design and color – truly go anywhere machines
  • Future ready – 2020 forward machines are pre-configured for IOT capabilities to be announced
MovinCool K Series models

Climate Pro K Series

The MovinCool Climate Pro K Series is purpose-designed for commercial space cooling. Operating range of 65-95°F with low noise levels. Complete set of optional accessories easily allows purpose-specific configuration. One, two, three and five-ton machines. All corded with plugs for easy connection to building power. All roll in through a standard-width commercial door. Easy-to-use controls allow automatic operation after-hours or during weekends.

MovinCool X Series models

Climate Pro X Series

Purpose designed to provide work-station cooling in tough environments such as manufacturing floors; distribution centers; and shipping and receiving bays; the MovinCool Climate Pro X Series brings spot cooling to the hottest environments. Operating range for these machines is 70-113°F. Powerful cool, dry air flows are delivered through directional nozzles at high velocity to provide relief right where you need it. Three models with a broad range of accessories available for dedicated work-station or multi-station cooling.

MovinCool D Series models

Climate Pro D Series

The MovinCool Climate Pro D dual duty heat pump portables provide heating or cooling as needed. Great all around duty machine for office environments of any type. Like all members of the Climate Pro product family, this D series is built tough and features easy-to-read LCD interactive controllers. Operating range of 65-95°F with low noise levels. Optional condenser plenum allows operation with outdoor make up air temperatures as low as 40°F.


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