Portable Heating Rentals

Heat Pump Rentals available in your area

Keeping you cool is not all that we do.

On the contrary, staying warm is just as important as staying cool. And when emergencies arise, and no timetable to restore and/or fix service is available, Spot Coolers is here to help you ride out the situation.

It’s common for heating systems to break down and leave you with no way of heating your home, business, or event location. When this happens at the last minute, the results can be disastrous ... sometimes even deadly.

One simple solution to consider is our portable heating rentals. In particular, heat pumps are a good choice to meet this need because they are very portable and can be easily moved to your home, business or event location.

Heat pumps provide an economical and sustainable method of providing temporary and emergency heating, using a small amount of energy to move heat from the air to where it is needed.

Because of the process used, they serve as good dehumidifiers for the room, too.

Heat pumps are also a good choice for portable heating rentals in the transition seasons of spring and fall. Heat pumps can be set to provide both heating and cooling, depending on which is needed at any given time.

So, after setting the temperature, you can rest assured the room will remain comfortable, no matter how the temperature may fluctuate outside.

Set it and forget it!

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