Portable Specialty Coolers

Portable Specialty Coolers


The CM12 delivers 10,500 Btu/H of cooling in a compact, self-contained unit that mounts easily with standard, off-the-shelf hardware above a standard drop ceiling and requires no special electrical connections, saving time and money.

"Saving space, time and expense for spot cooling has become essential for many businesses with critical equipment operating in confined spaces with no ventilation or air conditioning," according to John Doran, manager of the MovinCool Sales Department. "MovinCool pioneered the concept of workspace spot cooling with its portable units," Doran added, "and now, with the CM12, offers an out-of-the-way ceiling mount solution that will certainly save our customers time and money, as well as space."

The new CM12 comes with a variety of built-in capabilities and safety features:

  • A condensation pump, mounting brackets and both return and supply air flanges are all built-in.
  • The unit can be controlled by an off-the-shelf thermostat and uses off-the-shelf mounting hardware.
  • The unit can be wired into the building controls.
  • Automatic shut-off is controlled from a common fire alarm control panel.

Also, the CM12 has a wide operating range of 60° to 95°F on the evaporator and 60° to 113°F on the condenser. Separate ducts for supply and return air provide more air movement, improved circulation and more efficient cooling, even in tight spaces.

Accessories Diagram


Accessories are not included with the unit.


Product Specifications.

Cooling Capacity
(95° at 60% RH) (Btu/Hr)
Heating Capacity
(70° Indoors, 47° Outdoors at 57% RH) (Btu/Hr)
Air Flow (CFM, High/Low) Evaporator 324/228
Voltage  115/1
Min-Max Voltage  105-125
Power Consumption (KW)  1.23
Current Consumption (AMPS)  11.2
Circuit Breaker Size (AMPS)  15
NEMA Plug Configuration  N/A
Dimensions W x D x H (in) 35X23X15.5
(Net Weight/Shipping Weight)(LBS)
Thermostat Not Included

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