Portable Specialty Coolers

Portable Specialty Coolers


The OceanAire CAC, Cool Cube, is a portable air-cooled spot cooler designed for permanent or temporary spot cooling.

The entire portable air conditioner has been built using premium sheet metal for the cabinet and is equipped with heavy duty casters for easy transport and simple storage.

The CAC can be operated as a stand-alone spot cooler, or can be permanently installed in a server rack or above a drop ceiling. This unit comes equipped with a 10-foot power cord for electrical connection and added mobility in service.

This efficient and versatile portable spot cooler is designed to direct air to specific areas or objects through a discharge grill located on the upper-front of the unit, while rejecting heat from the back of the unit.

The CAC is a self-contained unit with the entire cooling system, evaporator and condenser fan motors and electrical components encased in a black polyester powder coated metal cabinet. Once connected to the proper source, this unit's solid-state electronic controller will allow an extremely wide range of options for temperature and airflow which quickly and efficiently control the environment of just about any space.

OceanAire accessories and factory installed options are readily available for the CAC which can make this unit even more versatile and help improve performance.

Key features:

  • Constructed of 18 gauge steel with matte black finish compliments any surrounding space
  • Equipped with commercial grade handles and premium steel casters
  • Deluxe electronic controller/thermostat
  • Auto restart capability
  • Washable Electrostatic mesh Air Filters
  • Fan speed control can be controlled automatically or manually
  • Condensate Reservoir tank
  • Manual Re-set High Pressure Switch
  • Equipped with 10 ft. LCDI power cord (Leakage Current Detection Interrupt) device for safety
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • UL Listed

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Product Specifications.

Cooling Capacity
(95° at 60% RH) (Btu/Hr)
Heating Capacity
(70° Indoors, 47° Outdoors at 57% RH) (Btu/Hr)
Air Flow (CFM, High/Low) Evaporator 400/320
Voltage  115/1
Min-Max Voltage  105-125
Power Consumption (KW)  1.18
Current Consumption (AMPS)  12
Circuit Breaker Size (AMPS)  15
NEMA Plug Configuration  5-15P
Dimensions W x D x H (in) 17.25X24X24.5
(Net Weight/Shipping Weight)(LBS)
Thermostat Standard

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