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New MovinCool Office Pro W20
Water-Cooled, Portable Spot Air Conditioner

The new MovinCool® Office Pro® W20 is a water-cooled, portable spot air conditioner that offers a cooling capacity of 15,700 Btu/h. The unit, which is MovinCool’s first water-cooled model, is designed for applications where an air-cooled spot air conditioner cannot be used because there is no drop ceiling or other available space to exhaust hot air into.

Like MovinCool’s other air conditioners, the Office Pro W20 is self-contained, combining a compressor, condenser and evaporator within a single housing. No external condensing unit or refrigerant charging are required, saving construction, installation and maintenance costs. The unit can simply be wheeled into place, connected to a water supply, plugged into a standard 115-V electrical outlet and turned on.

The highly efficient Office Pro W20 can operate at temperatures as low as 65° F, with water temperatures as high as 90° F and a minimum water pressure of only 12 psi, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

An advanced-design, programmable controller allows users to set the times and days of the week when the unit turns on and off. The controller can be connected to a fire-alarm system to allow emergency shutdown and has a signal output for remote notification of system errors or failure.

MovinCool’s industry-exclusive parts and labor warranty covers the entire unit for two years with online registration and the compressor for three years.

“We designed the Office Pro W20 in response to customers who told us they needed this type of system,” said John Doran, senior manager of Commercial and Industrial Systems. “Now we can offer the cost-saving and other advantages of spot coolers even where there is no way to exhaust the hot air.”

MovinCool, the world’s largest manufacturer of spot air conditioners, is a brand of DENSO Corporation, which has pioneered the concept of workspace spot cooling since the 1980s. MovinCool offers a wide range of portable and ceiling mount air conditioning systems for many different applications, such as emergency, backup and supplemental cooling, as well as moisture removal.

  • 29,400 Btu/h total and 22,000 Btu/h sensible cooling capacity
  • Designed for applications where hot air cannot be exhausted
  • Easy, low-cost installation
  • Environmentally friendly, energy-efficient design

New CMW30 Water-Cooled,
Ceiling-Mount Air Conditioner

Dear Valued MovinCool Customer/Prospective Customer,

Following on the success of our CM12 and CM25 ceiling-mount air conditioners, we are now extending our ceiling-mount lineup with a new CMW30 water-cooled model.

The CMW30 is specifically designed for server rooms and other applications with dense heat loads, but where an air-cooled model cannot be used because there is no space to direct the hot exhaust air into.

The unit offers a large cooling capacity of 29,400 Btu/h total and 22,000 Btu/h sensible for computer rooms.

The compact, self-contained CMW30 is only 20 inches high, enabling it to fit above a drop ceiling. A built-in mounting bracket, flanges and vibration isolators allow easy, low-cost installation using standard, off-the-shelf hardware.

No external condensing unit, refrigerant connections or charging are necessary, further reducing installation and maintenance costs.

An environmentally friendly design features a high integrated-energy-efficiency ratio (IEER) of 17.0, made possible by an energy-saving variable-speed inverter compressor and inverter fan motors.

Additional green features include R-410A refrigerant and voluntary RoHS compliance in advance of mandated requirements.

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Fast Drying

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Fast Drying & Cooling

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Floods  |  Leaks  |  Spills  |  Condensation
Dry out quickly for fast recovery and limit damage with MovinCool.
Simply roll it in, plug it in and turn it on!

Drywall  |  Paint  |  Plaster  |  Concrete  |  Adhesives
Save time, money and ensure better quality with faster drying rates provided by MovinCool.

Electronics  |  Packaging  |  Artwork  |  Medical
MovinCool is the perfect temporary solution for protecting valuable equipment from moisture damage.

Dehumidification Features
  • Speeds drying process with flexible ducting options
  • Spot cools with special air conditioning configuration
  • The only units verified by ETL for performance
  • UL & CUL safety listed
  • Pumps water 100 feet to reach faraway drains
    (pump optional, collection tank standard)