Portable AC

Portable Air Conditioners

Whether for temporary fixes or permanent cooling solutions, Spot Coolers provides you with quality portable air conditioning solutions to suit your needs.

We provide a variety of commercial portable AC products to our customers and clients all across the United States, offering water-cooled, air-cooled, lower-temperature and evaporative equipment to serve any purpose.

As the best portable air conditioning and heating supply company, we even provide server- and computer-room cooling or for outdoor events.

And much more!

For convenient road transport, you can opt for trailer-mounted portable AC solutions with a range of cooling capacities. Our water-cooled product line is great for low-noise locations where ductwork options are unavailable.

The air-cooled spot air conditioners are excellent choices for IT and computer room cooling. For environments that require greater cooling needs, evaporative spot ACs can reduce the ambient temperature very quickly.

Spot Coolers operates one of the largest commercial spot air conditioner rental fleet nationwide -- to provide a multitude of products that can be tailored to any of your needs.

For all of your portable air conditioner needs and questions please contact us at anytime at 1-800-367-8675.
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