The Ultimate Portable Air Conditioning And Heating Company

We do not provide residential cooling or heating solutions.

Spot Cooling &
Temporary Cooling

Since 1985, Spot Coolers has provided temporary
and emergency commercial air conditioning units, systems
and services for people, equipment, buildings (offices)
and companies throughout the nation.

We provide the best "on the spot" air conditioning solutions,
meeting the cooling and heating needs of our customers in
record time. From our air- and water-cooled portables to our
trailer-mounted 25-ton units, our emergency service cooling
rental fleet will keep you cool.

Spot Coolers is the largest portable air conditioning supplier
in the United States with 39 locations nationwide. Our portable
cooling units and heating systems provide permanent or
temporary (rental) solutions for short- and long-term cooling
and heating needs.

It's what we do,
it's all we do!