Water Cooled

PWC 3634

Portable Specialty Coolers

PWC 3634

PWC Series Water Cooled Air Conditioners for Permanent or Temporary Spot Cooling

The Oceanaire PWC series are commercial-grade portable water-cooled air conditioners designed for permanent or temporary spot cooling applications. The entire air conditioning unit has been built in an attractive sheet metal cabinet, equipped with heavy-duty casters for mobility. All PWC models come with a 10-foot power cord for electrical connection and added mobility in service.

These spot-coolers are designed to direct air to specific areas or objects through a discharge grill located on the upper-front of the unit, while rejecting heat in the waste water. The PWC models range in cooling capacities from 12,000 BTU/HR to 60,050 BTU/HR to satisfy most space cooling requirements.

The PWC is a self-contained unit with the entire cooling system, fan motors and electrical components neatly arranged in a gray polyester powder coated metal cabinet. When connected to the proper source of electrical power, a 24-volt thermostat controls the PWC unit to provide the desired level of comfort and cooling.

A wide variety of accessories and factory installed options are available for the PWC units allowing for improved performance and versatility.

PWC Standard Features:

  • 24 Volt Thermostat Control System with Thermostat
  • Automatic Cooling Mode
  • Manual 2-Speed Fan Control
  • Available in Voltages: 115, 230, 230/3, 460/3
  • Internal Water-Cooled Condensing Circuit
  • Built-in Water Regulating Valve
  • Rear Swivel Casters
  • Front Swivel Casters with Brake
  • 10 Foot Power Cord LCDI (Some Models)
  • Washable Electrostatic Air Filter
  • Manual Reset High Pressure Safety Switch
  • Equipped with Automatic Condensate Pump
  • Powder Coated 18 Gauge Sheet Metal Cabinet
  • UL Listed (U.S.A. and Canada)
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Accessories Diagram

PWC 3634

Accessories are not included with the unit.

10 foot flexible hose Kit
25 foot flexible hose Kit
40 foot flexible hose Kit

Product Specifications.

Cooling Capacity
@ARI 80ºF-67ºF at 52% Relative Humidity
 3 Ton - 36,100
Width (Inches)  28.25
Depth (Inches)  18.0
Height (Inches)  50.25
Weight (Pounds)  305
Shipping Weight (Pounds)  335
Shipping Volume (Cubic Feet)  23
Power Supply (Volts)  460/3
Current Consumption  4.7
Cooling Watts  2700
In rush current (Amps)  48
NEMA Plug Configuration  L16-20P
EER  13.4
Min-max Voltage  414-506
Power Cord Gauge  10/4
Power Cord Length (Feet)  10
Compressor HP  3
Compressor Type  Scroll
Compressor LRA  35
Evap (CFM)  1200
Evap Motor HP  1/3
Evap Motor Watts  420
Cond Water Flow (GPM) at 60ºF inlet  2.2
Cond Water Flow (GPM) at 85ºF inlet  9
Cond Coil Pressure Drop PSI  0.4
Water Valve Pressure Drop PSI  2.0
Water Valve Connection  5/8 MF
Water Return Connection  5/8 MF
Drain Connection  3/8 MF
Condensate Pump Lift  20 ft.
Sound Level  76
R-410A Charge Oz.  24

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