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Friday, July 08, 2016

You’ve all heard the saying, “what came first, the chicken or the egg”? It is used most often to describe situations where it is difficult to determine if a problem or solution first prompted an event.

Portable a/c is a perfect example of this phenomenon in practice. Was portable air conditioning created specifically to solve specific heat related problems, or did the introduction of portable air conditioning into the American market present specific solutions to numerous cooling problems, which previously had no simple cure?

As the nations first and largest portable air conditioning company, the folks at Spot Coolers are imminently qualified to answer these questions. With 28 locations coast to coast, Spot Coolers rents and sells portable and mobile cooling and heating systems for a variety of applications. Instrumental in the creation and growth of the industry, Spot Coolers has been spot cooling all manner of things for 20 years.

So what problems do portables solve? And what solutions do we present? I’m glad you asked. The list is probably longer than you think.


We rely on electronic equipment to run practically everything. At the heart of their operation is the printed circuit board. As such, computers, phone systems, servers, copiers, medical equipment, etc – all of this hardware contains printed circuit boards. And they all produce heat.

Electronic equipment appears everywhere in today’s work environment. You find it in closets, storage rooms, or former patient rooms in office buildings, hospitals, and other commercial environments. Without dedicated cooling systems, they create localized “hot spots” and cannot continue to function. To insure proper operation, these rooms must be cooled around the clock.

Enter Spot Coolers! With a full line of 1 – 5 ton portable air conditioners that can be wheeled through a standard doorway, they are used daily in commercial buildings across the country. Units come configured in air-cooled, water- cooled, and split system models. As such, we can effectively turn any small to medium sized equipment room into a temperature-controlled environment. And because they are portable, our equipment can be placed anywhere inside or even outside the environment requiring cooling.

Commercial grade construction insures years of reliability even when operated around the clock.
Installation is often thousands of dollars less than permanently installed systems. And should the equipment room (or tenant) relocate, the cooling system moves easily with them.

Another considerable benefit to portables is it’s short-term use capability. Because they are packaged systems on wheels, portables are often rented for short term cooling requirements. During computer room construction or when the dedicated a/c in larger computer rooms are shut down for PM schedules or replacement, portables can be used to provide the cooling capacity needed to keep these rooms operational.


Portables also make excellent people cooling systems. Most of these are temporary in nature. People cooling can be broken down into three categories – commercial applications, industrial applications, and event related.

Most commercial applications are brought about by emergency or supplemental cooling needs. For example, if a building cooling system should fail or need to be shut down for repair or replacement, portables provide an excellent means of providing some element of relief during the down time. Spot Coolers rents systems from ½ to 25 tons, which used separately or in tandem, can produce enough cooling to keep things form getting hot under the collar.

In addition, some building a/c systems can be inadequate during peak summer months. Once again, Spot Coolers rental fleet can provide the enough capacity to take the “edge off” during the hottest months.

Industrial applications are often either production or maintenance related. Most manufacturing facilities are un-air conditioned. In some of the more extreme ambient facilities such as steel mills or food preparation, ambient temperatures often exceed 100 F.

Spot Coolers carries an entire line of high ambient portables specifically designed for these environments. With upper ambient operation in the 115 – 120 F range, they provide an element of safety and reduce the danger associated with prolonged exposure to high temperatures. In most cases, the increased productivity associated with these systems provides a payback in months.

Meetings, conferences, trade shows, and special events - by their very nature - have short-term timelines. Many are held outdoors or in tents and temporary structures. When held in hot or cold weather conditions, these events require temporary climate control.

Spot Coolers extensive inventory of equipment provides the ideal solution for these events. Regardless of the venue or structure, we can provide and maintain any level of heating or cooling appropriate to the environment. Our experienced staff of temporary cooling experts can design, install, and remove equipment for events lasting from one hour to one year, or longer.


You’ll also find portable a/c units in use as process coolers. The ability to duct cold air directly on or into specific phases of the production process can provide numerous advantages, including:

  • More even curing
  • Quicker cycle times
  • Lower scrap rates
  • Packaging advantages

There are many industries that have discovered the benefits of using spot cooling on the production line. Plastic molders and food processors are chief among them. The payback associated with process cooling can often be just a matter of days.

Spot Coolers has been specializing in portable and mobile heating and cooling systems for over 20 years. At Spot Coolers, “instant portable cooling and heating is what we do and all we do”. With an inventory of new and rental equipment that exceeds 10,000 units, no job is too large to handle.

In addition to carrying the premier brands, such as MovinCool and Ocean Aire – for whom they are the largest distributors - they also design and build custom systems for government contractors and agencies, as well as numerous commercial and industrial clients through their Transportable Temperature Systems division. Among the Transportable Temperature Systems client list you’ll find companies such as AT&T, Raytheon, Lockheed, and IBM.

So the next time you have a spot-cooling problem, ask yourself what came first, the chicken or the egg? Then call Spot Coolers. We’ll be there in a jiffy with the perfect solution – guaranteed!

Spot Coolers number is 1-800-367-8675. Their corporate headquarters is at 444 E. Palmetto Park Rd. Boca Raton, FL 33432. They maintain 6 regional depots - Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas, and Phoenix serving 28 full service facilities across the country. All locations stock the full complement of product for sale and rent. Turnkey service is provided from each location 24 hours a day, year round. Our website is Garth Tagge is Vice President of Sales.

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